‘The Division’ Server Maintenance Brings Fixes To Update 1.2 Bugs

"Tom Clancy's The Division" has, without a doubt, a huge following. Hence, when the game is swamped with bugs or issues, a horde of comments from articles to articles are present. Unfortunately, when the developers released the 1.2 update, it instead introduced a handful of bugs. However, after the game's server was brought down for maintenance, improvements subsequently happened.

Supposedly, the 1.2 update for "Tom Clancy's The Division" was meant to address the issues experienced by players. Sadly, when it was released, not only did it bring new bugs but it also re-introduced the old ones.

Fortunately, according to Polygon, improvements happened shortly after the scheduled server maintenance was made. The reportedly missing Daily Missions and characters of PC players were all but a shot at fixing the various "Tom Clancy's The Division" issues.

Indeed, the game witnessed a number of noticeable improvements. The matchmaking issue is now stable, while Clear Sky (where players join others to create a new raid) is now freed from the headaches it brought to the game.

While it is true that the developers have somehow addressed a great percentage of issues, "Tom Clancy's The Division" is still not totally cleansed. Players are still reportedly experiencing bugs in the game's user interface as well as the overall in-game performance.

Sure, the developers still have a lot of work to do; however, it is interesting to note how passionate they are. According to Forbes, one of the reasons players continue to play "Tom Clancy's The Division" is with how things are handled in every update.

Had the developers missed on hearing the concerns from the community, "Tom Clancy's The Division" would have long been buried 6 feet down under. Surely, the game's developers are minding what players are experiencing from time to time. They always find ways to resolve the problem than opt on undermining the situation.

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