Ferrari 458 MM Speciale Review: Supercar Sports Visor Front, Carbon-Fiber Bumpers and Italian Flag-Inspired Exterior

Italian sports car manufacturer Ferrari just sold its, one-of-a-kind supercar called the Ferrari 458 MM Speciale and the unnamed client couldn't have been luckier.

Bold is Beautiful

The street-legal, one-off Ferrari is not only a joy to ride, it is also a delightful model that will surely turn heads. For one thing, the bright white supercar resembles a visor on the front and a flattering back with hardcore details and accents.

Aside from the beautiful chassis, the luxury car has been fitted with big carbon-fiber bumpers at the back and front with striking aluminum accents. In addition, the Ferrari 458 MM Speciale grabs attention with its Bianco Italia exterior paint, as per Bloomberg.

The body of the sports car is predominantly white with aluminum accents, but what makes it special is the color detailing at the center of the unit, which pays homage to the Italian flag.

What Matter is the Inside

The one-off model also prides itself with a very powerful 597bhp, 4.5-liter V8 engine under its hood. The interior has also been upgraded. For instance, the inside is clothed with Cioccolato leather upholstery with neat and clean white stitching.

The tunnel controls have satin white rings, while the sound system has been "enhanced" to deliver top-notch entertainment.

The Verge stated that by looking at the custom supercar, it's easy to see that it is based off the base of the 458 model, with the addition of side scoops not seen in the 488 GTB.

Meanwhile, Top Gear noted that the new Ferrari sports car borrows the black A-pillars of the 1984 Ferrari GTO, which is absolutely great since it made the unit look seamless.

The Ferrari 458 MM Speciale was reportedly developed at the automaker's Ferrari Styling Centre. The unit was announced to the public on May 30 and it was quickly purchased by an "enthusiastic" British driver for an undisclosed amount.

Check out the fabulous Ferrari 458 MM Speciale below. 

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