'Porsche' Reviews, News, Updates: Nothing Is New With Pajun Features; Bears Resemblance To Panamera And Porsche 911?

By Alexa Parker , Jun 03, 2016 05:10 AM EDT

Recent news and updates have surfaced regarding Porsche's brand new saloon segment called Pajun. Also, the new segment is anticipated to bring in stunning additions resulting to many wonders on what to expect from the new car. But with the notions of the car bearing the same features as the Panamera and Porsche 911, its legacy is being questioned.

The competition might be stiff in the car industry but Porsche is not yet giving up the fight. However, it is undeniable that expectations and requirements of car segments have just gone higher in the past decades. For one, even though Porsche's Pajun is relatively new in the market, its features are projected as not.

To prove the latter, Porsche's new saloon Pajun renders the same design cues as the Panamera, at least from the front end. Even though some would not admit it, the rear tail lamp styling is pulled off the Porsche 911 as well, reports Car Trade.

Given the reality that it has been many years since Porsche made some entry-level saloon segments, its comeback-testing phase stirred the car industry with a buzz and scrutiny. Superficially, this test car draws the same lines as the shorter wheelbase Panamera. But it is evident that this model has been stingy on the front dimensions especially after observing the extravagant dimensions of the Panamera, reports the same post.

Moreover, hearsays have even escalated that Porsche is not building something new but relatively a car that is a smaller version of the Panamera but at the same time embodies some of the features known in Porsche 911 segments.

On a different note, Carscoops reports of a similar prototype wearing U.K. plates registered under Bentley's name that had been spotted in the past in Britain, indicating that it could be a mule for the next Continental GT, which will share its underpinnings with the Panamera II. But this one comes with Porsche's registered plates.

The tester is riding in a shorter wheelbase version of Porsche's new Modular Standard Platform (MSB) fitted under the chopped body of the G2-codenamed 2017 Panamera. But a closer examination of the wheel arches shows that it might be running on wider tracks that do not match the stock opening, reports the same post.

Although Porsche has not rendered any official affirmations for its segments under testing, it would still be a day of reckoning if Porsche's new segment saloon, the Pajun, and its features could outrun the prowess of Panamera and the mighty Porsche 911.

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