Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Specs, Rumors, News, Updates: Windows Tech Release Date Slithers; Intel's Kaby Lake Processors Get Blamed?

The anticipated release of the powerful and gigantic product from Microsoft is once more pushed even further and it slithers. Also, the recent rumors, news and updates of Microsoft Surface Pro 5 indicated that Intel's Kaby Lake Processors are getting the blame for the delay.

Microsoft Corporation continues to put in efforts to improve its hardware business amid tough competition in the market. Reports have surfaced on its Surface Pro tablets wherein the software giant's next Surface Pro tablet is expected to be released some time this year, reports Bidness Etc.

However, without additional details released, it has generated many queries for the tech world. As it is, no specs, unreliable release date and even no suggested pricing were even released.

In accumulation, the latest and current high-end tablet offering from Microsoft, the Surface Pro 4, is powered by Intel's Skylake chipset. And there are rising speculations that the company will continue to place its trust in the long years of partnership with semiconductor giant and its new-generation Kaby Lake processors, as noted by the same post.

Moreover, it has been noted that the tech gear would enable faster and more efficient functionalities with the utilization of the Skylake technology. Also, it will run on the Surface Pro 5 tablet.

More report from Tech 2 indicated that the delay is likely considering the launch cycle of devices that is followed by Microsoft. Unlike Apple, Microsoft does not have a regular fixed product cycle refresh for the Pro series tablet.

Also, other improvements that are anticipated include a better battery along with a 4K screen and more storage options, reports the same post.

It is undeniable that the gear was able to surpass the tech industry in more ways than one. Nonetheless, if Microsoft Surface Pro 5 airdate remains unsettled, it might render unprecedented issues regarding the product.

Also, even though rumors regarding Microsoft Surface Pro 5 airdate have skyrocketed, it does not imply that the fault lies on Intel's Kaby Lake processors alone or that the notion is proven as well.

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