Black Holes A Portal To Another Dimension? Stephen Hawking Thinks So

Stephen Hawking has proposed a solution to the black hole paradox. If proven, this could be instrumental in the theoretical possibility of time travel.

Hawking's recent proposition makes the premise of the movie "Interstellar" remotely possible. The physicist negates previous beliefs that nothing escapes black holes, theorizing that matter devoured in these singularities leave evidence of their existence.

Particle Fever

The theory started in the 1970s, when Hawking insisted radiation is strong enough to escape a singularity. He said this happens when one of two entangled particles are swallowed, letting the other escape as radiation.

Mic reports there's a dilemma in Hawking's theory: information from the trapped particle can't be imprinted on the escaped radiation, so there's really no way of knowing otherwise. The theory isn't consistent with one of the tenets in physics. An article insists:

"Quantum physics allows you to run the whole universe forwards and backwards, as long as you reverse everything in your math: charge, parity and time. Think about it like energy. You can't destroy energy, all you can do is transform it."

Black Holes, Back Doors

Hawking, along with physicists Andrew Strominger of Harvard and Malcom Perry of Cambridge, theorized the clue lies on zero-energy particles along a black hole's event horizon, an invisible line which border the singularity's point of no return.

Hawking's team insists that everything that exists should be preserved as information, which is a basic, universal given. Hawking takes it a step further, saying it's possible to exit a black hole, that there should be another way out.

The British physicist is a strong proponent of this "exit" theory, stating in a speech that black holes are not the eternal prisons previously believed. A black hole also has a back door that may lead to another universe.

The Mirror reports that it's virtually impossible to re-enter a black hole's back door to return to this universe, though. Hawking has made other outrageous theories in the past, including the possibility of spawning a mountain-sized black hole on the earth, to be used as renewable energy resource,

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