Apple vs. Google vs. Samsung vs. Microsoft: Battle Of The Personal Assistants

Personal Assistants in the virtual world have evolved in the last few decades and what they are capable off is almost astounding. They come not just in computers anymore, but in every day gadgets like smartphones as well. Even still, there are several options available to choose from - Apple's Siri, Android's Google Now, Microsoft's Cortana and Samsung's S Voice.

Apple's Siri

According to Trusted Reviews, Apple's Siri is easily accessible. The user needs to just press down on the main home button, or saying "Hey Siri." It has a variety of skills such as, but is not limited to, making calls, searching the web, sending text messages, updating Facebook statuses, locating nearby attractions, play music, identify music and looking up movie details. It cannot, however, send messages over Facebook, interact with majority of third-party applications, and pull out information from the user's email.

Google Now

On the other hand, Google Now is available for all Android phones with 4.1 versions or higher. Though it depends on the phone, Google Now is normally accessible through the press of the home button. Google Now is not just voice-responding, the user can type to it as well. Google Now also learns what its user normally needs, throughout the use of the phone. Whether it is weather, cafes or movie schedules, the information eventually becomes readily available. Of course, it is capable of servicing through voice activation as well. It can do what Siri does, but cannot search photos and will not let you search for anything within the Now interface.

Microsoft's Cortana

Cortana is available on Microsoft 10 phones as well as Microsoft 10 desktops. The user needs to only long-press the search button on the phone to activate, or quick press to type. One can personally input their interests, but it can also learn about the user much like Google Now. It also pretty much gives the same pieces of information as Siri and Google Now.

Samsung's S Voice

Meanwhile, Guiding Tech notes that Samsung's S Voice is accessible through double pressing the home button or a wake-up command. S Voice's abilities are much like the other virtual assistants, but users have the ability to be personalized some aspects like the wake-up call and initial requests.

In an experiment conducted by CNBC, which involved requests like television show schedules, spelling and the odd question or two, came to a conclusion about which is the best among Apple, Google, Microsoft and Samsung.

Firstly, speed narrowed it down to Siri, Google Now and Cortana. Secondly, ease narrowed it further to Siri and Google Now. Lastly, was communication, which is the aspect Siri stood out in most. Apple's virtual assistant is able to talk back to users so that they need look at the screen after each command. 

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