'GTA 5' Update: Rockstar To Rollout Story DLC, Online Expansion At E3?; Mysterious Update Fixes Issues

Since Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is fast approaching, expect fans to know more about "GTA 5" and its speculated updates. Rockstar is indeed rumored to unveil a story DLC as well as a new online expansion for the game at the event. 

According to Express, one of the "GTA 5" publishers Take-Two Interactive hints that some massive projects are set to be unveiled at E3. In fact, CEO Strauss Zelnick said that they will indeed be there -- "in a big way." The aforesaid event is scheduled to run from June 14 all the way to June 16.

While such claim could mean a lot of things, it is worth noting that Rockstar Games is listed as one of the main exhibitioners at E3. Also, the possible release of a "GTA 5" story DLC and a new expansion for the online mode are quite feasible. After all, the title continues to rake sales across gaming platforms. Even Zelnick himself witnessed how extraordinary the game's performance has been.

Meanwhile, International Business Times reports that Rockster has just released a small update for "GTA 5" online for the PC. However, it is quite mysterious. There are no descriptions that would at least explain what the update is all about.

Despite the vagueness, the said update has brought some relative fixes for in-game issues or bugs. In fact, several "GTA 5" players posted in the game's official forums that the bodyguard or associates payout has been improved. This happened when the mysterious update was installed.

The reported "GTA 5" online update has a size of 110 MB on the Steam server. As for the game's social club client, it weights around 572 MB.

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