'Fallout 4' Becomes VR Playable, Details About Game's DLCs Surface

By Alvin Elfwine , Jun 14, 2016 04:00 AM EDT

A good number of fans have been waiting for "Fallout 4" to arrive to VR (Virtual Reality) gaming since the game has been out for quite some time now. Fortunately, the devs have decided to bring it to the realm of virtual reality. Even more good news, the game's DLCs are now ready for purchase.

Bethesda released "Fallout 4" sometime in November last year. Sure, the game has proved to be a massive success, with players spending a good amount of playing time. However, within the scope, most fans want the game to be VR playable.

Finally, according to Engadget, the studio is currently working on a "Fallout 4" version with a HTC Vive headset. And guess what -- it will be made available next year. Bethesda marketing chief Pete Hines said that there definitely is more to come. If the game's survival brought "an intense way to experience" it, the VR support is certainly a game changer.

Bethesda will reportedly showcase a piece of "Fallout 4" VR action at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) event. It is also worth noting that company is also believed to have a VR support for the new "Doom" game.

PC Advisor, on the other hand, reports that three new "Fallout 4" DLCs are already made available for purchase. The Maryland-based video game company has already confirmed the release of these downloadable contents since the launching of the game.

The first "Fallout 4" DLC was titled "Automatron," which was released in March 22, 2016. It became available across all gaming platforms and can be bought at $11.33. Following the first expansion is the "Wasteland Workshop." The latter arrived on April 12 and introduced a unique way for players to design and/or build cages in order to capture live creatures.

The last but not the least is "Far Harbor." This "Fallout 4" DLC was released recently, particularly in May 19. As far as Bethesda is concern, it is by far the biggest expansion they have ever created.

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