Watch How An 'Overwatch' Fan Trolls Players Using McCree's 'It's High Noon' Ultimate

In any online video games, trolls have always been part of the structure. But of course, despite being a headache sometimes, some of them are just too funny not to applaud. And yes, the same thing can happen in Overwatch," Blizzard's latest hit game. Well, in fact, it already did thanks to a guy named Nigma Vidya.

Making fun of other players, say, in "Overwatch" is tantamount to having good trolling skills. Otherwise, of course, it will end up as a huge failure. And indeed, a player from the highly celebrated multiplayer first-person shooter game showed how an ultimate skill can be used to troll people.

According to VG247, a YouTube user named Nigma Vidya uploaded a video of him playing "Overwatch" and trolling other players. Basically, he is using the character McCree, who is known for using an ultimate called "It's High Noon."

The said "Overwatch" player, in hopes to dominate the game (and yes, make fun of people), plays the character's ultimate using an audio clip. He puts it right through his mic, so everyone in the match can hear it. As a result, players think that Nigma Vidya is about to unleash McCree's ultimate skill, when in reality, he will not.

In fact, as reported by Kotaku, the character's voice actor Matthew Mercer also thought of giving it a try. Mercer reportedly revealed it during a panel at Akon that he will use the same tactic whenever playing the "Overwatch" game.

Well, indeed, it is a funny stunt to do. Think about "Overwatch" players seemingly running, after learning that McCree will be utilizing his "It's High Noon" ultimate skill. They will surely run for cover. That is for sure.

But really, can someone be totally mad with this "It's High Noon" troll? For those "Overwatch" fans interested in duplicating the idea, they can check the video below. And oh, they better give thanks to Nigma Vidya.

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