Sony On Not Unveiling PlayStation Neo (PS 4.5) At E3: Lacks Readily Supported Games; Release Date Remains Unknown

Electronic Entertainment Expo (or commonly known as E3) has already started. With the event, Sony was expected to unveil the highly anticipated PlayStation Neo or PS 4.5. Unfortunately, the studio disappointed a number of expecting fans. Well, at least, people will get to know what the company has to say about the decision.

PlayStation Neo or PS 4.5 has already been in the rumor mill for quite some time now. This is most particularly with its supposed exposure at E3 2016, one of the biggest trade shows in the industry. Sadly, the event started (in fact, it is nearing its conclusion), but no sign of the said console was seen.

So why? After all the hype it has accumulated ever since then, why did Sony opt to continue keeping it under wraps?

Well, the answer is quite simple really -- it is yet to be ready. According to ValueWalk, PlayStation Head Andrew House revealed the current status quo of PlayStation Neo or PS 4.5. House said that the console is still far from having an in-depth experience in terms of supported games.

It should be noted that Sony did the same thing with VR. Only then did they unleash the said hardware to the anticipating public once a solid line-up of games are readily supported.

PlayStation Neo or PS 4.5, as what others believe, is more than just an upcoming console. Many deem it as a possible new angle the company is likely to take. Perhaps, a replacement to the latest set of hardware they have.

But contrary to these speculations, House claimed that PlayStation Neo or PS 4.5 is actually a new generation console. Instead of being a replacement, it will act as an another addition to the current line-up of consoles Sony has.

PlayStation Neo or PS 4.5 is said to be capable of running games (and even videos) at a resolution figure of 4K, as reported by Game & Guide. Moreover, the forthcoming console will feature a clock speed that is a notch higher and faster than what the current PlayStation 4 has.

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