Why 'Game Of Thrones' Fans Will Love 'For Honor’ By Ubisoft

“For Honor” is another fantasy game to look forward to courtesy of Ubisoft. The game is based on factions such as Vikings which hints at probably borrowing a thing or two from “Game of Thrones” fighting tactics.

Vince Ingenito of IGN was able to try out “For Honor” and based on his experience, this is a game that is not solely aimed at rendering bloodshed and defeating the game boss. Based on his shared experience of gameplay, “For Honor” is not solely about the clash of clans but also how attentive and timely a player is once he gets behind the game controllers.

Where does the “Game of Thrones” angle kick in? The fact that Vikings are one of the factions in the game is something that comes to mind. But above that, it is all about the logistics on how players are able to fend off enemies other than sheer power.

Vikings have been known to possess brute strength but as bared by Ingenito, surviving and reaching the ultimate goal (the boss) will take more than that.

He singles out that instance where he found himself in a “Game of Thrones”-style trial by combat scenario that forced him to face off with the climactic mini-boss. With his adversary obviously one that will be hard to conquer, it wasn’t about the big finishing kick that sunk in but more on how he earned the win over the game protagonist.

In short, playing “For Honor” is all about working your way in the game and earning those triumphs from battles the right way. Violence is a given for “For Honor” but right now, the logistics and the style of play will make the difference between victory and defeat as highlighted by Kotaku.

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