Xbox One S vs The Original Xbox One: Should You Upgrade? [POLL]

The big news in the game console wars right now is the unveiling of Microsoft’s Xbox One S, something that is not the actual successor of the current and bulkier Xbox One many may have right now.

Rather, the Xbox One S was meant to correct the issues that its older brother carried plus some added features that preps gamers for things to come such as 4K and HDR support.

The Xbox One S won’t be available until August which gives gamers more time to ponder and reflect. Would it be wise to upgrade to the Xbox One S?

Skimming down the features, it wouldn’t be surprising to see some upgrading to it if they can ditch their old device for a reasonable price. Adding a couple of dollars wouldn’t hurt especially for the ones who love to get the latest game console in the market.

Pricing for the Xbox One S will start at $299 for the 500 GB capacity model. The problem is that this variant won’t be immediately available, forcing the hand of gamers to turn to the 2 TB model which costs $399 per CNet.

There is a 1 TB model in the mix as well for $349 though availability is also in question. Going over the features led by 4K and HDR support, getting the 2 TB model seems reasonable unless buyers are holding back because they are strapped for cash.

Storage and design are not the only new things to consider for the Xbox One S. It will also have 4K Blu Ray Compatibility, control of other devices via an IR blaster, better wireless controllers and better power management to address bricking.

Comparing the Xbox One S with the Xbox One original, the changes don’t seem that dramatic and some may even consider holding off on any upgrade for the actual successor of the Xbox One.

With probably a full year ahead before that happens, the question is should you upgrade now. Lighter and improved, gamers who take playing seriously may want to consider getting one if they can find a way to finance it.

The Xbox One S may not be the next best thing gamers are looking forward to but once that alleged “Project Scorpio” does come out (via Engadget), expect the prices to be a whole lot higher likely influenced by newer features.

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