Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Could Come With ‘Smart Glow’ LED Feature

Samsung continues to pick up the pace as far as inviting rumors tied up to the Galaxy Note 7 which is expected to be unveiled this August.

Already out in the open for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 include that of a curved display screen and that name jump from Galaxy Note 6 to Galaxy Note 7. It is expected to be more powerful that can make it stand out in 2016.

‘Smart Glow’ LED Feature Included?

Traditionally, Samsung devices come with a notification LED that is used to alert owners of incoming messages, calls and other alerts. All that could change with another LED feature called ‘Smart Glow’.

Word about such comes from Galaxy Club which shows an illuminated ring that would be positioned around the rear camera lenses. It will reportedly light up for notifications but may also come in handy for people who want to take photos of themselves using the main camera.

The ‘Smart Glow’ LED will illuminate once it detects the face and the photo capture will follow from there.

The feature could be a useful addition to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 but right now there is no confirmation that the ‘Smart Glow’ LED feature will be included.

Samsung Galaxy J2 2016 Built With ‘Smart Glow’ Feature?

Though there is no promise that the ‘Smart Glow’ LED feature will be on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, it will reportedly be something present on the Samsung Galaxy J2 (2016).

The Galaxy J2 (2016) has no official release date for now though it is believed that it will come out before the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in August. If so, it will be interesting if Sam Mobile’s claim that the ‘Smart Glow’ LED notification will be included among the device’s expected features.

For those wondering on what the Samsung Galaxy J2 (2016) will carry, it includes a 5-inch display (720x1080 pixels), a Spreadtrum SC8830 quad-core SoC, 16 GB internal storage, an 8 MP main camera and a 5 MP front-facing shooter.

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