'GTA 5' Serves As Template For 'Watch Dogs 2'; Mod Makes Crouch, Teabag Possible

It is no secret why "GTA 5" is listed among the popular AAA games nowadays. After all, the franchise proved to be a massive hit since the release of the original game. With that in mind, it is very likely for other games to follow the footsteps of the Rockstar's open-world crime game. And sure enough, Ubisoft's "Watch Dog 2" is an obvious epitome.

There have been a number of titles being inspired from "GTA 5" and its world. Bethesda's "Fallout 4," in particular, has taken inspiration in terms of giving players the freedom to explore the game with no boundaries.

Now, with "Watch Dogs 2" being announced at E3, the big reveal indicates how "GTA 5" played an important role in the game's development. Heck, even the sequel's creative director Jonathan Morin mentioned the comparisons, albeit not being too direct.

For Morin, when it comes to "making games in cities," "GTA 5" does a fantastic job at doing it. That players cannot simply be in a city and not have the chance to acquire a car (this is without a doubt a nod to Rockstar's title).

More so, Morin iterated how grateful they are, as "GTA 5" helps players understand the basic of things. Besides, the first "Watch Dogs" was clearly heavily inspired from the said game. It had a strong emphasis in terms of stealing vehicles and driving across the town.

While many may seem not to agree, "GTA 5" is still a prominent game in the market. As for "Watch Dogs 2" from Ubisoft, it is said to be set on a not-so distant future. Yes, it will involve a couple cities, all of which are believed to have been under the control of a single operating system.

Meanwhile, Gadget Review reports about a new mod that allows "GTA 5" players to do the "crouching" and "teabagging." To acquire these abilities, fans just simply need to visit gta5-mods.com and download the mod from jedijosh920.

The aforementioned "GTA 5" mod allows players to efficiently switch from crouching to standing - at will. When the stance button is pressed while running, the character tends to perform the so-called dolphin dive.

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