'GTA 5' Update: Online Mode Acquires Three New Maps, Playable Character And More!

"GTA 5" is among the most talked about games at Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). And sure enough, Rockstar Games made a big reveal at the event. The game is expected to acquire three additional maps. More so, fans should be happy knowing that the weekly sale period has already started.

Rockstar has since been providing new updates for "GTA 5" online mode. And just recently, according to GameSpot, the studio is set to release three brand new maps for the game's Trading Places mode.

The said "GTA 5" maps are set in locations such as Grapeseed's Lost Club House and the Banning Docks Warehouse. If players find themselves in the Harmony Place Construction Site, they can expect one of the maps to appear there, too.

The brand new "GTA 5" maps are officially named, in order, "Place IV," "Place V" and "Place VI." All of them can now be bookmarked in-game, so for fans, it is best to check them out now.

Moreover, the "GTA 5" publisher Rockstar Games has officially rolled out their weekly sale period. It is believed to cover a couple of new items and whatnots. One of these will reportedly be the so-called "Smoking Jacket."

For fans to acquire the aforementioned "GTA 5" item, they simply have to log in to the game. However, they only have a couple of days left. The availability of the "Smoking Jacket" will only be until Monday, June 30.

In related news, HNGN reports that the studio is expected to offer some announcements about the highly anticipated "GTA 6." The sequel to "GTA 5" has been in the development phase for quite some time now. However, the company has yet to reveal its true state.

Nonetheless, the follow-up to "GTA 5" is expected to feature a new kind of gameplay. Well, this could be entirely different from its predecessors. The sixth installment is expected to arrive sometime in 2018.

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