'Fallout 4' Mods Arrive To PS4 With Issues, Size Limit Is Smaller

It is no secret that Bethesda plans to release the private beta for "Fallout 4" mods in PS4. And to pave the way for interested modders, the studio set out an update regarding the pertinent details involved. However, the said move only opened to a number of issues that are quite unique to Sony's console. Above all of these, it was found out that the mods' size limit is quite smaller than expected.

Supposedly, the Creation Kit of "Fallout 4" was updated in the purpose of including mod supports to PS4. This is basically in preparation for the scheduled mod launched on the said console later this month of the year.

However, according to The Escapist, Bethesda encountered a handful of issues -- all of which are something new to PS4. First, when utilizing the textures in PC, both the memory and performance of "Fallout 4" are experiencing problems.

Second, the respective sound files of the "Fallout 4" mods appear to be not currently supported for Sony's titular console. It was found out that the system was instead using a different kind of proprietary sound format. So, at the end of the day, it will not really synchronize.

Lastly, as reported by GameRant, the size limit for all "Fallout 4" mods are automatically set at a smaller value -- 900 MB, that is. This is quite smaller compared to the ones at a cap set of 2 GB, particularly on the game's Xbox One port.

The good thing, though, is that Bethesda is fully aware of the said "Fallout 4" mods issues. And, as of this writing, is exerting all efforts to resolve the situation. In fact, even Sony has jumped into the situation. The tech giant is attempting to come up with a radical solution to specifically resolve the sound file processing issues.

Nonetheless, it is safe to say that this could imply a possible setback for the "Fallout 4" mod support. This is most especially if the aforementioned issues remain unresolved.

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