Google Photo Now Supports Album Slideshow Feature

The Google Photos app has made slideshows available now within individual albums.

Until today, the Google Photos app did not support one of the most basic features, slideshows. Users of the app had to rely on various improvisations to create a slideshow. But the good news is that now Google Photos does finally support slideshows.

According to Droid Life, the option is now live in the Google Photos app. In order to get started with the new feature users have to open up the Google Photos app and select a photo you want to start the slideshow with inside of an album. The top option will be Slideshow, once the user hits the three-dot settings button. A photos' slideshow will begin, once the option is tapped.

Users can simply cast the show via Android TV or Chromecast is they wish to project their slideshow to their HDTV. The Google Photos Slideshow feature is also available on desktop computers. 

The new Google Photos feature is limited, however, to just a Slideshow. There are no duplicate photos being shown, no stoppage and no randomizing effects. The Slideshow only shows photos in the selected album. For making a better Slideshow, the users will need to edit and move photos around on their own.

According to the Verge, despite its apparent simplicity, Google Photos is a pretty sophisticated application, harnessing the power of neural networks and advanced machine learning to automatically sort your pictures into albums. This way, Google Photos is able to turn your library into a searchable database.

The new slideshow feature implemented in the Google Photos app allows users to play through photos in any album automatically, offering a hands-free way to impress your friends or family. The feature is available now to Android and web users; but it is still unclear when to expect an iOS update as well.

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