'Fallout 4' Settlements In 'Contraptions' DLC Is So Cool; Nuka World Features, Gameplay Explained!

Ubisoft's titular action role-playing game "Fallout 4" is certainly a massive hit. And yes, fans will be treated to a number of DLCs in the next few weeks to come. Speaking of which, the fourth content titled "Contraptions" might just be exactly what players have been waiting for. Hence it is worth investigating why. Meanwhile, some valuable details about the "Nuka World" expansion have also surfaced.

According to Forbes, the fourth downloadable "Fallout 4" content "Contraptions" has been recently announced. However, unlike its predecessors (most especially when compared to "Far Harbor"), it appears to be a smaller expansion.

Basically, the said "Fallout 4" DLC has a similar concept to "Wasteland Workshop." In one way or another, it will reportedly be all about crafting. It will heavily focus on all sorts of settlements, something that have created a huge hype in the game. However, the "Contraptions" DLC is said to further change that -- to improve the boring concepts of settlements.

It is safe to say that "Fallout 4" settlements have been a static affair in the game. After all, players love the idea of building all sorts of things. With the coming of "Contraptions," fans can make use of conveyor belts, track kits and scaffolding kits, among others, to come up with out-of-this world gadgets.

In related news, Movie News Guide reports that Bethesda is also leaning towards releasing another "Fallout 4" DLC called "Nuka World." In this expansion, fans will have the opportunity to act like one of the Raiders who roam the city. And of course, they can expect lots of creatures, weapons and, well, adventures to arrive.

"Nuka World" in "Fallout 4" is described as once an amusement park that has become a lawless place of Raiders. Here, fans will be introduced to new set of regions such as the Dry Rock Gulch, Safari Adventure and Kiddie Kingdom.

There is no doubt that Bethesda is leaning on a road to further improve "Fallout 4" in all key aspects -- with much gusto, obviously. For sure, fans cannot wait to get hold of these downloadable contents as soon as they are made available.

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