The One Thing Microsoft Edge Has Over Google Chrome: Time To Switch Browers?

It is no question that Google Chrome is currently the most popular web browser available. It is easy to use and pleasing to the eye. However, there are other players out there like Microsoft Edge that inching their way into popularity and are getting better and better every day. Microsoft Edge is the default browser for all PCs and laptops that run on Windows 10. And while it is currently nowhere near as efficient as Google Chrome, it certainly does have its benefits.

Beta News reported that Microsoft Edge has the least bearing on a device's battery. Unlike Google Chrome and even Mozilla Firefox and Opera, Microsoft Edge is designed to take as little from a battery as necessary.

To prove this, a team led by Jason Weber, Director of the Web Platform Team of Microsoft Edge, conducted an experiment. The team connected a Surface Book to a piece of equipment that monitored its power consumption. It then used different browsers to partake in the same activities. These include simply opening a webpage, scrolling through articles, opening tabs upon tabs and watching videos.

"Our test show Microsoft Edge is a more energy efficient browser on Windows 10, with up to 36% to 53% more battery life," Weber claims.

Of course, the general population cannot put their trust fully on an experiment that used a machine most cannot get their hands on, or understand. So Weber's team conducted another, more simpler experiment. They put four fully-charged laptops together side by side, each streaming a continuous video on different browsers - Firefox, Edge, Chrome and Opera.

The end results showed that Edge ran 70% longer than Chrome, 43% longer than Firefox and 17% more than Opera.

And if this is not enough, The Business Insider also reported that Microsoft Edge is up to 112% faster than other browser options. Even on platforms designed by Apple and Google, the Microsoft browser proved more superior.

According to the experiment, Microsoft Edge was 112% faster than Google Chrome based on WebKit Sunspider, 37% based on Apple JetStream and 11% faster based Google Octane.

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