How Dancing, Playing 'Dark Souls 3' Can Be Done All At Once

Ever wondered how "Dark Souls 3" and dancing are related? Well, sure, they are far from each other; however, that does not mean they cannot be done at once. A fan took an effort of playing the game while using a dance pad. That is right - a dance pad. And take note -- he even defeated a good number of bosses.

"Dark Souls 3" is among the least games nowadays that present a unique kind of monsters. And these creatures, as similar as what their faces look, are so hard to challenge. Players can either end up being frustrated or loss confidence at all.

However, as reported by VG247, a "Dark Souls 3" player showcased how defeating bosses like Abyss Watchers can be done in a fun way. A known Twitch streamer named Rudeism did it by using a dance pad. And hey, he even finished the entire game. Now that is really interesting.

The "Dark Souls 3" player found the "Dance Dance Revolution" dance pad his ally. He revolutionized what a typical controller could be, something that gamers can actually walk over and step at. In the video, the player is seen moving backward, forward and even side-to-side with the help of the said floor pad.

Nonetheless, according to GameRant, this is not really the first time that a "Dark Souls 3" player can be seen playing the game using a dance pad. In the past, many have already tried it. But as for Rudeism, it is no less than impressive.

But of course, the road is not easy -- the "Dark Souls 3" player can be seen dying at least 300 times before finally killing the Abyss Watchers boss. Despite though, this is the real beauty of the game. Gamers would dedicate a great amount of time and patience just to complete even a particular quest.

Find out how the "Dark Souls 3" fan nailed it by using a dance pad. The video is posted below.

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