Samsung Galaxy S7, Note 7 News & Updates: Will The Next Flagship Be a Disappointment?

Rumors that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and S7 bearing no innovative upgrades are escalating. Furthermore, notions of the same tech usage arise for both devices. GMS Arena reports that the South Korean tech company, has been unveiling some plans on the future of its Samsung Galaxy S7 and Note 7 series.

However, in terms of rumors that nothing seems new for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Note 7, that remains unsettled. It has been noted that Samsung will still utilize the AMOLED touch screens but some alterations in supply measures have been piqued people's interest as well.

Samsung SDI is the speculated to provide the "phosphorescence green host" section of the Galaxy S7 and Note 7. Meanwhile Dow Chemical are the ones designated to produce the red material needed for the AMOLED screens and Idemitsu Kosan was assigned to ship the blue part.

The usage of its OLED materials is a clear indicator that Samsung remains as one of the world's biggest smartphone makers and the biggest user of AMOLED displays in its devices.

Moreover, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is anticipated to enter productions by the month of July and is projected for release on August. It has also been disclosed that 5 million units would enter the market.

As for the features of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, it boasts of a curved display, 5.8" in size along with a 6GB of RAM. More report from BGR mentioned that the device would be branded as Galaxy Note 7 instead of Galaxy Note 6, along with the major decision of Samsung to hit the stalls with only one single version.

The legacy that Samsung has begun is noteworthy. It has weathered varying changes to counter the market hurdles and with Samsung Galaxy S7 and Note 7 on board, the tech giant aims on recovering the losses incurred in the market.

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