HP Spectre, Apple's Macbook Pro Preps Up For Techno Brawls; Microsoft Evades Competition, Sets Eyes on Surface Phone?

Competition is everywhere in the tech industry. Recently, people have been pitting HP's Spectre with Apple's Macbook Pro. It has been noted that these devices are prepping up to win the big techno brawl. While HP and Apple are locked in a battle, Microsoft has decided to stay out of the brawl to focus on the Surface Phone.

According to CNET, HP is proud to present its 13-inch Spectre laptop that is considered to be the world's thinnest tech gear. The laptop is only 10.4 mim in thick and it has outrun Apple's 12-inch Macbook.

Another strong feature that HP's Spectre laptop contains is the usage of Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors rather than the usage of Power Core Am chips that most ultra thin laptops contain. In terms of Spectre's keyboards, it has more depth and flexibility when typing than the 12-inch Macbook.

Microsoft Stays In The Sidelines

While the two laptops are prepping up to win the techno brawl, Microsoft remains elusive in its marketing strategies to join the skirmish on laptop dominance. For the moment, Microsoft busying itself with the demands and preparation of its other devices such as the Surface Phone. In the future, Microsoft could have the upper hand in flagships phones with all the work the company is focusing on its Surface Phone design.

According to Win Beta, Microsoft is picking up the pieces of the ailing phone business and focusing its strategies to strengthen the market presence of the Surface Phone. Also, the Surface line of hybrids has been gaining strong returns, which is why many believe the Surface Phone will be a success.

HP Spectre and Apple's Macbook still have a long way to go before one could strengthen its market dominance. The competition gets tougher with each day so HP and Apple needs to constantly work to ensure that its dominance will be retained. As for Microsoft, its main focus is not to contend with the brands for the laptop win but solely focused on the success of its Surface Phone line.

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