'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Release Date, Specs, Features & Update: Magearna Unveiled Plus Brand New Battle Mode

Latest reports have shown that "Pokemon Sun And Moon" is set to unveil a new battle mode feature. It is believed that Magearna offers a new battle element that would render gameplay uncommon to the "Pokemon" franchise.

Game N Guide formerly reported that during the E3 event, minor details were given regarding the much-anticipated "Pokemon Sun And Moon" game. Nintendo even relayed that the game might come out on the market by November of this year.

More updates from the same report revealed that the "Pokemon Sun And Moon" segment is one of a kind. It is projected to render a unique user interface design and other vital new features.

In terms of new characters added to the new "Pokemon Sun And Moon" game, names such as Pikapek, Yungoos and Grubbin have already been mentioned. Also, the new Pokemon, Magearna, surely pique the fancy of gamers.

For the uninitiated, the latest character addition of "Pokemon Sun and Moon," Magearna, is depicted as a dual Steel and Fairy type that has the ability called Soul-Heart. Other specs and features soon to be enjoyed in the new "Pokemon Sun and Moon" game are the battle royal multiplayer mode. Also, it is contemplated that the new game would offer two diverse worlds.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" is noted as the biggest release to hit the stalls of 3DS. Even Nintendo Europe has affirmed that during its release, other freebies and special editions would be handed out to strengthen its market presence in the gaming world, reports Nintendo Life.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" and its anticipated release will surely set the legacy of the "Pokemon" franchise to a different level and usher a new era of epic gameplay.

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