'No Man's Sky' Final Release Date Revealed! Hello Game's Managing Director Receives Death Threats After Game's Several Delays?

"No Man's Sky" from Hello Games remains to be one of the most highly anticipated games of today. However, since its initial announcement, the title's release date has been pushed back several times. The latest update from devs state that it is finally coming in August of this year.

According to Game & Guide, the studio's very own Managing Director Sean Murray admitted that "No Man's Sky" is one of the most difficult games they have ever worked on. Regardless, he instilled some excitement in the fans by stating that the upcoming title is pretty much bigger than anyone could ever imagine.

Murray, referring the "No Man's Sky" delay, assured the community that they are doing what needs to be done. That their decision to postpone the game a couple of times was the right move. He also went on to thank the fans for their "support and patience," while ensuring that the game will arrive very soon.

It is also worth noting that ever since the delay of "No Man's Sky" release date, Murray has been receiving death threats, as reported by Inquisitr. But despite the horrific experience, he jokingly describe Hello Games as a house similar to that of Home Alone.

There is no doubt that lots of fans are really interested with "No Man's Sky," after all, the hype is snowballing each day. Hence its delay causes frustration and disappointment from expectant players.

In related news, the titular UK instrument group called 65daysofstatic announced their upcoming tour. The event, which is deemed as one of their largest, is specifically made for the "No Man's Sky" video soundtrack. It is titled "No Man's Sky: Music for an Infinite Universe" and will feature other songs from the band.

So for all the fans out there, probably a little more wait and the game will surely arrive. "No Man's Sky" is slated for an August 9, 2016 release.

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