'God Of War 4' Combat Play Explained, Krato's Wife To Feature In Game's Upcoming PS4 Story

The much talked about "God of War 4" has been finally announced in the recently concluded Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) event. It was deemed one of the biggest reveal at that time partly because fans have been clamoring for a new installment from the titular series for a while now. Little is known about the upcoming title, but details about the combat play and its PS4 story have surfaced.

According to Gadgets 360, "God of War 4" will feature two combat systems. In the first, players will be utilizing an axe in every battle. Obviously, it is intended to be used as a melee weapon. However, it can also be quite effective in casting spells. In fact, Kratos can throw the axe at will and recall it, like Thor's hammer.

As for the second "God of War 4" combat play, it will feature a hand-to-hand fight. Through this combat mode, gamers will experience more visceral movements from the iconic character.

It is also worth noting that "God of War 4" will include a rage meter. It was placed to give Kratos a more humanized persona while for the sake of his relationship with his son. Through the rage meter, players gain more control over Kratos rage while fighting nearby lurking Norse creatures.

Yibada, on the other hand, reports that "God of War 4" will introduce the protagonist's wife. After all, fans have every right to know the mother of Kratos' son. Sony has yet to reveal the exact role of the character's better-half, but it is said to have huge importance throughout the story.

Kratos' son will also develop as a character while walking through the vastness of the "God of War 4" realm. Players can spend some time leveling up the God's son. Game director Cory Balrog said that Kratos' son has knowledge about his father's true lineage, but has no idea about the past.

"God of War 4" has yet to acquire an official release date. It is expected, however, to arrive sometime in 2017.

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