iPhone 7 Lightning EarPods Photo Leaks Online

On Chinese social networking site, Weibo, another set of images has surfaced that show the standard set of iPhone EarPods featuring a Lightning cable instead of the 3.5mm plug.

Steve Hemmerstoffer, well-known tech analyst, presents the leaked images on his Twitter blog post:

According to Tech Radar, the Lightning jack and the 3.5mm headphone port are crucial smartphone components. Often, there are new rumors of their split in the upcoming Apple flagship headset, the iPhone 7.

Rumors about these purported, refreshed buds have circulated before. In March a similar looking set surfaced online. Speculations suggest that these headphones would be optional. If this proves to be true, then Apple will still keep the 3.5mm jack in the next iPhone.

In the latest leaked image, the Lighting connector shows off the sharp plastic edge detailing introduced by Apple alongside the iPhone 5 and still used on the iPhone 6S. However, the latest leak of the next iPhone's Lightning headphones suggests a completely new design. This could either be the only proof needed to show that it's a fake or could point to an incoming change in accessory aesthetic from Apple.

The Moto Z and Moto Z Force smartphones are already excluding the 3.5mm port, so it would not be too surprising if Apple’s upcoming flagship iPhone 7 will do the same. However, we will still have to wait until September to see if the high-tech giant follows suit.

Meanwhile, according to independent reports on both 9to5Mac and Business Insider it seems that Apple will also introduce a touch sensitive surface instead of the home button. Furthermore, Apple will add feedback similar to the MacBook’s Force Touch trackpad, in order to recreate the feeling of a button.

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