'No Man's Sky' Is Going Huge, Features 18 Quintillion Planets!

Without a doubt, lots of fans have been eagerly waiting for "No Man's Sky" from Hello Games to arrive. While it is still months away from release, the game is surely worth investigating. After all, gamers would want to know just how big this game is. Well, a total of 18 quintillion planets (as confirmed by the studio) is indeed huge enough.

As previously reported, "No Man's Sky" was pushed back from its original release date. Although Hello Games has already revealed a new release date (August 9, that is), it is still possible for some changes to happen in the future.

While "No Man's Sky" is still on the backseat, knowing how large its entirety is a fascinating thing to do. According to GameSpot, the game is believed to introduce a universe that holds at least 18 quintillion planets. Technically speaking, that is really a huge number to hold.

This figure alone gives "No Man's Sky" players the opportunity to explore the game's vastness. For sure, there is no telling what kind of adventures they will be up to. But of course, regardless of the size, it still has an endpoint in one way or another.

Game & Guide, on the other hand, reports that "No Man's Sky" players will have the chance to meet other explorers. But in order for them to do such, they have to go towards the center of the universe. This is pretty exciting, considering the monstrous explorations they will undertake.

While fans are guaranteed to explore whatever possibilities there are, it will all be made official once "No Man's Sky" arrives. From there, they can check if the game is indeed as big as what Hello Games describes. The title is slated to arrive on both PC and PlayStation 4 on the scheduled release date. As for the Xbox One console, no official date has been given out by the studio as of writing.

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