Will 'GTA 6' Really Arrive In 2018? Game To Feature A New Location, Either London Or San Diego

"GTA 6" is still one of the most highly awaited games from Rockstar. Lots of fans are eager to learn any new updates about it, even though the studio remains quiet. But now, speculations suggest that the upcoming title is expected to introduce a new map.

According to Game & Guide, "GTA 6" is believed to feature a brand new map, one that is totally different from the original games. Although nothing is revealed much about the title, it is already confirmed to exist. But of course, Rockstar has yet to unveil an official release date, let alone announce the start of a development phase.

It was previously reported here at iTech Post that "GTA 6" will take fans to a different location, namely London. Without a doubt, this can bring a new kind of excitement to the community.

Nonetheless, it should be noted that there are also rumors about San Diego being part of the upcoming title. And that if the devs choose to stay in the corners of America, the said place is actually feasible, as reported by Headline & Global News.

As of this writing, the official release date of "GTA 6" is being kept under wraps. However, many fans believe that it is likely for Rockstar to unleash it sometime in 2018. Basically, "GTA" games have a release window of five years in between.

"GTA 5," in particular, was released way back in 2013. If this is the case and if the pattern is to be followed, "GTA 6" could indeed arrive the year after next year. Either way, there are also gamers and/or critics alike who believe that the title might see daylight around 2020. 

With "GTA 6" still in the backseat, it is only expected for fans to anticipate from time to time. This is most especially with Rockstar being so passionate about keeping everything under wraps.

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