'GTA 5' Sequel 'GTA 6' Release Date Finally Revealed? Game To Introduce London As New Location

"GTA 5" and the rest of the series proved to be a massive hit, putting Rockstar Games on top of the competition. This is why lots of fans are hoping for a new installment in the franchise -- "GTA 6," that is. Well, they should be happy knowing that the game could be pointing to a possible release window in 2018. And not just that, its setting has also been revealed. Here is everything to know about the highly anticipated sequel.

The follow-up to "GTA 5" has been in the rumor mill since time immemorial. Fans keep on waiting new details about the game as each day passes by. After all, the popularity of the series is undoubtedly skyrocketing.

According to Game & Guide, "GTA 6" is rumored to be released sometime in 2018. Although the studio has yet to give out an official date, there is an interesting timeline to follow. It should be noted that "GTA 5" as well as other games in the series have a five-year interval between them. With the fifth installment being released in 2013, 2018 is a feasible year, if the said pattern is to be followed.

Apart from this thought-provoking information, the sequel to "GTA 5" is also believed to introduce a new setting. If the previous installments offered intensity within the four corners of the great America, "GTA 6" might have a different one.

As reported by The Sun, "GTA 6" is poised to introduce London as its main setting. This is where fans will take their crime activities to a whole new level, as the location certainly presents an exciting event.

And indeed, the aforementioned country is highly plausible. In 2013, Rockstar Games very own Dan Houser hinted the possibility of the sequel to "GTA 5" being located outside the Land of the Free. Houser said that the studio "would love to set a game in the UK, set in London, whatever."

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