'Tom Clancy's The Division' Latest Update Tweaks The Overpowered G36 Assault Rifle; Heroic Incursion Is Finally Out!

A new "Tom Clancy's The Division" update has arrived, introducing a couple of new features for players to explore. Among these, the most noticeable one is the nerf changes made to the G36 assault rifle. Moreover, the highly anticipated "Heroic" incursion is finally out.

The first major paid "Tom Clancy's The Division" content arrived to both PC and Xbox One just recently. It brought some cool features for players to explore, from new sets of weapons and gears to brand new content titled Underground operations. However, to the dismay of fans, it introduced a number of issues and/or bugs soon after its launch.

As expected, Ubisoft is working on these problems vigorously. In fact, as reported by GameRant, they unleashed a new "Tom Clancy's The Division" update. One of the areas it will cover is the unbalanced boost on the so-called G36 assault rifle.

In order for the aforementioned "Tom Clancy's The Division" update to be implemented, the game's servers were brought down. It is expected to bring improvements to a couple of items. Though, its main priority is the said assault rifle.

It should be noted that the G36 assault rifle in "Tom Clancy's The Division" has grown to be an easy favorite. This happened during the arrival of "Underground" DLC, but the studio has already reduced its potent to at least 15%.

GamingBolt, on the other hand, reports that a brand new "Tom Clancy's The Division" incursion has been introduced by Ubisoft. It is called "Heroic" and focuses on the Cleaners. It is quite interesting really, given the fact that the said incursion is the biggest one yet. It has multiple sections to offer, along with two massive bosses for players to battle.

"Tom Clancy's The Division" newest incursion is basically another version of the titular "Dragon's Nest." The newly arrived incursion will bring level 35 Elites to the circle. From there, it is where the skills of players will be tested.

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