'Pokemon GO' Europe, Asia Release Date Finally Revealed? UK Users' Eagerness To Play Resulted To Malware-Infected Clones; Nintendo's Stock Skyrockets!

There is no doubt that "Pokemon GO" has turned the world upside down. It has become a massive hit as soon as it was released, though the game was only made available to selected countries. But now, the popular mobile game is expected to arrive in Europe and Asia very soon!

"Pokemon GO" was first made available to Australia, US and New Zealand. In the blink of an eye, player after player started downloading and playing the game. As reported here at iTech Post, it popularity was so widespread, the game practically became a threat to one's safety in one way or another.

Fans located in the said countries were able to play "Pokemon GO" by simply installing its APK version. Nonetheless, Niantic iterated that only players from the permitted countries are and should be able to gain access to the game's servers.

Fortunately, as reported by The Wall Street Journal, "Pokemon GO" is coming to both Europe and Asia. Anytime soon, people from this country will have the opportunity to become Pokemon trainers just like their counterparts in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand.

It should be noted, however, that no official release date has been announced yet for "Pokemon GO" in the aforementioned continents. Nevertheless, this should be enough to stir the interest of the franchise's fans.

In related news, UK users have reportedly been able to download and play "Pokemon GO" already. The catch, however, is they did it through skirting the game's official channels, as reported by The Verge. If Android owners can simply sideload the app, iPhone users just need to create a new Apple ID that utilizes any of the permitted regions.

Unfortunately, this acquirement of "Pokemon GO" has taken its toll. There have been bunch of malware-infected clones surfacing on the web, infecting every user's smartphone.

But for Nintendo, everything is going fine as expected thanks to "Pokemon GO." The company's stock price has skyrocketed almost 25 percent in just a short period of time, proving that there are lots of people in the world who dream of being a Pokemon trainer someday.

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