'Pokemon GO' Is Arriving To Asia This Week, Servers Getting Ready Proves It; Here Is How To Catch Pikachu

For "Pokemon GO" fans in Asia, the wait might finally be over. The "Gotta Catch 'Em All" craze is said to arrive in the region within the week, less than 48 hours from now. Once it is ready, players might want to know how to catch the titular Pikachu!

Niantic first unleashed "Pokemon GO" in New Zealand, Australia and - shortly after - the U.S. Since then, it took the whole world by storm. Users located from other regions, albeit being able to download the game's APK version, did not really feel the overall excitement.

As previously reported at iTech Post, "Pokemon GO" is slated to arrive in both Europe and Asia. The only catch, however, is the official release date. With the latest reports, it seems Asians might finally get hold of their dream to becoming a Pokemon trainer.

According to Hypebeast, "Pokemon GO" is expected to arrive to Asia within the next 48 hours - from the date the article was written. In a sense, it is arriving this week, with only a couple of hours left on the clock.

The information rooted from the fact that all "Pokemon GO" servers have been strengthened. Heck, even their loading capacity has been significantly increased.

Unfortunately for "Pokemon GO" fans in Japan, the game will not be available to them just yet. The Pokemon Company reportedly asked the users in The Land of the Rising Sun to "please wait for a while." Basically, the game will have its own official launch particularly on the said country.

But before this "Pokemon GO" storm finally arrives in Asia, it might be best for users to learn how to catch one first. Perhaps, the ever-popular Pikachu?

According to Digital Trends, the key is to ignore the first three "Pokemon GO" species at start. These are namely Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. And once this is done - at least four times - a Pikachu will then appear together with the three Pokemon starters. From there, players simply have to tap their Pokeball and capture it - easy peasy.

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