Google Play Ready To Launch Family Share Plan

This week, Google addressed a big Google Play complaint by allowing up to six users of Google Play Family Library to share a single account.

CNET is reporting that it will be possible that up to six people to use the same single account on Google Play Family Library and share content across various devices.  The Google Play Family Library works across the Google store's content, including movies, apps and more. A similar family share plan was offered by Apple App Store since the year 2014.

PCMag notes that Google has introduced in December its own family option for Google Play Music, but up to date a similar feature was lacking on the Google Play Store. The family plan for Google Play Music has been the initial step took by the company towards letting users share purchased content with family members.

According to Engadget, Google Play Music allows streaming music by multiple family members for a $14.99 monthly subscription. But now, it seems that Google is going to let users share movies, TV shows, book and apps as well. According to Gizmodo, Google will allow now its users to share books, apps, TV shows and movies purchased from the Play Store via Google's family plan.

Google is announcing on a posting on its help page that users who subscribe to Google Play as a family will be able to authorize up to six other family members to access the same account. A single family member will be administrator of the account.

The account manager will be able to decide who are the other family members allowed to access content. The administrator of the account will also be able to hide certain things from children.

In addition, the manager will be responsible for any purchases made through the account and for this reason he will be required to input a credit card. The common family account could be used by any of those family members to download already purchased content free of charge.

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