Elon Musk Gets Help Defending Autopilot System By Tesla Car Owner

The recent car crash accident in Florida that killed a Tesla car owner has become the marketing bane of the car manufacturer. With the controversial autopilot system employed in its car models, Tesla has been under fire for having a seemingly flawed system embedded in its vehicles.

However, Tesla recently announced that the autopilot system is not meant to replace drivers at all. They are provided as an added safety feature to guide drivers on how to maneuver their cars with efficiency.

Tesla has a much stronger ally in the persona of its CEO Elon Musk pointing out that he has a new master plan that will provide much better improvements with the autopilot systems of the cars. Recent Tweets by the CEO pointed out that even consumers are very eager to still pursue the autopilot schemes of the Tesla cars as 0.0% of them do not want the feature disabled as seen at a report published by the Investors.

Musk mentioned that the media is not in the position to speak for the customers on their behalf and thanked the company's partners by the name of Bosch and Mobileye for making the autopilot system better.

Forbes' report claims that Elon Musk has been constantly ignoring the consumer clamor to revise the programming system of its autopilot features in cars in light of the recent accident. However, the CEO has already claimed that modifications and improvements are underway to prevent such unfortunate event.

Musk pointed out in his earlier Tweet that the radar sensor could have been the culprit for the accident. However, the message was deleted and was replaced with condolences for the family. In one of his blog posts, he claimed that neither the driver nor the radar sensor recognized the presence of the tractor trailer so the breaks were not applied.

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