MacBook Pro 2016 Release Date Rumor: Ready By September? MacBook Pro Sales Down

By Benjie Batanes , Jul 20, 2016 09:43 AM EDT

The MacBook Pro 2016 seems to be having a bit of delay this year. As a result, MacBook Pro sales have gone down since many are waiting for the release of the upcoming laptop before making a purchase.

Industry observers are intrigued by Apple's delay in releasing the MacBook Pro 2016. Most if not all of its rivals have already shipped their latest products, according to Macworld. The delay is also seen as a major factor in the decreasing sales of MacBook Pro this year.

As Bitbag notes, initial rumors pointed to a fourth quarter release of the upcoming MacBook Pro. For Apple that time frame could mean that the release date may either be late August or September. There are also reports coming which suggest that Apple is trying to get rid of the older models especially the non-retina ones.

There are also rumors that the delay due to the supposed removal of the 3.5 mm headphone jack port in favor of a Lightning port.

Sources said the upcoming MacBook Pro will have a sleeker design than the old one. The 2016 model will reportedly have an OLED display touch bar. It is also reported that at least four USB-C ports will be included in this upcoming 2016 model. The MacBook Pro 2016 may be the first Apple laptop that will have 4G connections if the rumors are true.

The screen however, will possibly have the same screen resolution as the current 12 inches model which is 2304 x 1440. Still, the Cupertino Company may pull a surprise with the screen specs.

There are speculations that a gold colored model will also be included. It is also possible that the upcoming MacBook Pro will have a new security feature - the Touch ID sensor. The addition may have something to do with Apple Pay included in the Mac laptop series.

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