Mozilla Firefox Bans Flash This August, HTML 5 Now Default Video

Mozilla Firefox will start banning certain Flash content that will not critically impair the "user's browser experience" on August. The purpose of the ban is to convince site owners to ditch the discontinued Adobe plugin and adopt the HTML 5 instead.

By 2017 Mozilla, will informed Firefox browser users to first click "yes" if they wish to use the Flash player in the site that they are viewing. Aside from the old Adobe plugin, even the use Silverlight from Microsoft and Java plugins are also being discouraged. Both of the plugins will soon be discontinued by 2018. Mozilla is instead encouraging the adoption of HTML 5 for videos in the Internet.

Flash has been blamed for more than 10 percent crashes in the Firefox browser, according to Mozilla. However, the number of crash incidents in Firefox was considerably reduced when social network site Facebook and video sharing site YouTube switched to HTML 5.

The Firefox browser is constantly being upgraded with features that plugins like Flash once supplied. The inclusion of various Web APIs has made this possible. Some of them involve graphics, audio, video camera and microphone functions.

Mozilla expects that Firefox users will start experiencing faster browser response when it comes loading web pages. Online security for Firefox is expected to be improved. On the hardware side, users can see lower battery consumption while surfing a Flash free net.

Mozilla is not only the company dumping Flash, reports The Verge. Other browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Bing and Apple Safari are also taking steps in phasing out Flash. The plugin's creator Adobe has already issued an announcement late last year urging the public to refrain from using it.

Unfortunately, Flash is still being used by many site owners. Switching to HTML 5 is not exactly easy for cheap. It will take more time before it is completely abandoned.

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