New 'NBA 2K17' Features To Look Forward To; Creating Expansion Teams, League Possible In Game? Australian Boomers First Non-USA Team To Be Included In The Title

2K Games is looking to make "NBA 2K17" a huge hit as soon as it gets released. And now, as each day passes by, more and more details about the game's features surfaced. The so-called Australian Boomers (the country's national basketball team) will be made available. Moreover, the title will allow players to create their own expansion teams and league.

According to IGN, the Australian national basketball team mentioned above will the first to be introduced in "NBA 2K17" as well as in the whole series. The big reveal was made by the studio along with Basketball Australia through a press release.

Australian Boomers will be the first team hailing from a non-US region to be included in the "NBA 2K17" game. The said team will join Team USA as two of the only national teams present in the upcoming title.

CEO of Basketball Australia Anthony Moore expressed the excitement they are feeling with Boomer's addition to "NBA 2K17" from 2K Games. In fact, the team's very own Patty Mills iterated his gratitude, stating how "great to see 2K" recognizing the nation's ever-growing impact towards the sport of basketball.

Below are the full line-up of the team for the "NBA 2K17" game:

  • David Andersen
  • Cameron Bairstow
  • Aron Baynes
  • Andrew Bogut
  • Ryan Broekhoff
  • Matthew Dellavedova
  • Dante Exum
  • Chris Goulding
  • Joe Ingles
  • Kevin Lisch
  • Damian Martin
  • Patrick Mills, Brock Motum

Meanwhile, The Source reports about "NBA 2K17" having a feature that allows players to create expansion teams and league. They will be given the option to utilize the regular 30 NBA teams, or perhaps use an expansion league. The latter gives them the opportunity to add a total of 6 new teams. It is either done through using a pre-designed team or creating them.

As for "NBA 2K17" fans who are not that creative, there is no need to worry. The upcoming title will arrive with 10 pre-made expansion teams, each of which is complete with logos, arenas and jerseys, among others. In fact, these can be downloaded through 2k's official servers.

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