'Captain Marvel' To Star Brie Lawson; Top 5 Reasons This Marvel Movie Will Be Awesome!

Brie Larson, Oscar award-winner for the film "Room" is going to play the role of Carol Danvers in "Captain Marvel". The announcement was made during Comic-Con last weekend.

Animators of Marvel Comics had their own spectacle during the third day of Comic-Con as they announced the update on "Captain Marvel". At the same time, Marvel launched the trailer of "Doctor Strange".

Here are the top 5 reasons why "Captain Marvel" will be a huge hit because of Brie Larson.

"Captain Marvel" is the first female lead superhero for Marvel.

Many fans anticipated for the release of "Captain Marvel" and speculated who will take on the lead. Aside from the Black Widow, Larson's character is Marvel's first attempt to make a movie with a female centerpiece.

Larson's outstanding performance in the movie "Room", makes the launch of "Captain Marvel" historical. Her acting abilities will surely bring justice to the role.

Larson will be perfect for Marvel's emotional story line.

Most Marvel characters are emotionally charged individuals. This is true for Tony Stark in "Iron Man" and Hulk's tormented psyche.

Larson is perfect as she will be able to portray "Captain Marvel" in a three dimensional way. According to Cheatsheet.com, this might be the reason why Ronda Rousey didn't make the cut.

Marvel is facing up to a lot of competition.

"Captain Marvel" is the first attempt to feature a female lead as the hero. However, Marvel Comics has a lot of competition to beat.

Other characters such as "Elektra", "Superwoman" and "Supergirl" have already ramped up solid reputations. Marvel, through Larson, will surely not miss in "Captain Marvel".

"Captain Marvel" will reincarnate the next generation of "The Avengers".

As Larson's performance is expected to be outstanding, "Captain Marvel" will reincarnate the new generation for "The Avengers". The movie's expected release will mark the phase four of Marvel's awesome superhero team.

Larson is set for success until the release of "Captain Marvel" in 2018.

Marvel is now creating a row of Oscar-award winners to star their releases. However, it is unsure if they can still bring the magic in the coming years.

Larson's career is at an awesome start and is seen to succeed in the coming years. Her Academy Award will definitely bring "Captain Marvel" the maturity and substance it deserves in 2018.

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