LA Lakers Mysterious Trade Player - Nerlens Noel Of The Philadelphia 76ers?

The LA Lakers' mysterious player targeted for trade may turn out to be Philadelphia 76ers power forward / center Nerlens Noel. However, this is still speculation as both teams have yet to confirm it.

Both the 76ers and Lakers have a sizeable war chest in acquiring new players. And rumors have it that the LA team is saving a sizeable chunk for a high performing player like Russell Westbrook, according to iTech Post. Noel however, could at least give the Lakers a competent center while the team still have the funds to capture a better albeit, a more expensive player, according to Fansided.

If the Lakers make a bid for Noel, 76ers President Bryan Colangelo would demand a big price for one of its biggest player. Noel is currently in the last year of his $4.4 million contract with the Philadelphia team. Colangelo can afford to overprice him a bit since there is quite a demand for tall players in the NBA. Nerlens stands at 2.ll meters or 6'11". Like the Lakers, 76ers fans are hoping to see a big named player going to their team.

The LA Lakers' best offer however, are players like Lou Williams for a big man like Noel. If this is the case, a trade may indeed be unlikely. But Noel can be valuable asset to the Lakers if the team could get him at a reasonable price. The 76ers are also reportedly reducing the number of their big players in their team.

LA Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak is continuing to get players for the team. In early July, the Lakers signed up NBA veteran Jose Calderon, according to The GM said that Calderon is an "elite shooter" who could contribute a lot to the team. He was originally born in Spain and has played in several international competitions. He also played on a number of NBA teams including the New York Knicks and Toronto Raptors.

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