Xiaomi's First Laptop Declared The 2016 MacBook Pro Killer: Specs & Features

Xiaomi has cemented its name on a branding of affordable phones. For those that wanted to get the most out of their money, Xiaomi had a line of smartphone offerings. Eventually, the company added a bit more variety to its roster by including the Mi Band. Now, the company has reportedly further expanded, as it releases its very first Xiaomi Mi Notebook.

The device is, at this point, still under wraps. However, a few leaked photos have surfaced that very clearly show a laptop with the Xiaomi branding. Confirmation on the same is expected to arrive within the week, as Xiaomi will also make further announcements on the upcoming Redmi Pro.

IBT India confirms that the Xiaomi Mi Notebook is designed to with a full metallic body. In fact, it seems to be taking inspiration from the MacBook Pro, as it has a unibody design, coupled with curved edges and thin bezels.

According to Indian Express, there are likely to be two variants of the Notebook that vary in terms of power. One will come with a Core i5 processor, while the other is installed with a Core i7 processor. Like with standard notebooks, both the Xiaomi Mi Notebooks will sport a chicklet keyboard. On the other hand, the arrow keys will also work as page up, page down, home and end keys. They will also have USB Type C port for charging and a fully sized USB port for other connections.

However, the Core i5 variant is expected to have less RAM and internal storage. That is, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage. It is estimated to arrive to the market at 3,999 Yuan, which converts to around $600.

Meanwhile, the Xiaomi Mi Notebook that will come with the core i7 processor will have 16GB of RAM and 512GB of internal storage. It is expected to price at around 6,699 Yuan, or just over $1000.00.

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