NASA UFO Conspiracy Theory: Live Video Reveals Alien Secret? [Watch]

Despite the space agency's continuous protests and explanations, some UFO hunters just cannot stop questioning them. Most recently, it has been all about how the live feeds from the ISS were accidentally cut as a UFO-like object appears on the screen. However, there has been a recent revelation - NASA's codeword for UFOs.

According to University Herald, NASA again cut a live feed from the International Space Station just as a UFO appeared. What makes this time different is that there was an astronaut as well. Because of his or her presence, it was heard that NASA's word for UFO is "gospel."

Before the feed was cut, the astronaut was speaking about how he looks forward to the time where a partnership would be entered with "gospel." Another agent, from the other line, shares that they were praying for his journey.

Inquisitr adds that one particular UFO blogger's insights. As Scott Waring shares, he had never heard an astronaut be religious while at the ISS before. He described the exchange between ground control and the agent to be "very odd."

Another UFO blogger, Tyler Glockner, shared these thoughts. "I thought there was fear in this voice and it is strange," he shares. He also confirmed that, in his time of following these UFO sightings, he had not heard a space agent speak about religion with ground control.

According to Glockner, the UFO, which appeared just as the astronaut was speaking and as the ISS panned away from the Earth, had "strange characteristics." That is, there was an eerie glow about it, which was blue and evident as it moved away from the sunlit area. He also points out another UFO in the backdrop of the footage. It was a ring-shaped object, that had a metallic coat.

It is only a matter of time before NASA jumps in to try and silence these "gospel" allegations with logic and science.

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