'Battlefield 1' Shares UI With 'Battlefield 4' And 'Hardline,'Game's Trailer Set For Gamescom 2016?

Almost every fan has heard everything about "Battlefield 1." From its possible features all the way to its release date, these have all been covered by various articles.

But recently, EA revealed its plans to unify the game's UI with that of "Battlefield 4" and "Hardline." Certainly, gamers did not see that coming. Meanwhile, the game's newest trailer is expected to be showcased at Gamescom 2016.

According to GameRant, the studio is poised to create a "Battlefield 1" UI that is interconnected with "Battlefield 4" and "Hardline's." This means that all of the games in the franchise will be linked to one another. Such move will be done across all generation consoles.

EA's decision to unify the UI of "Battlefield 1" with the rest rooted from the purpose of making the community happy. That such feature will allow fans to create parties, as well as give them the capability to move between the upcoming game and the rest of the aforementioned titles.

Simply put, "Battlefield 1" players can easily generate squads from the unified UI prior to joining a match. After which, they can choose any of the "Battlefield" game that they would want to.

It is also worth noting that the said UI will bring in some suggestions for both modes and maps. This is thanks to a "recommendation engine," something that can pique the interest of the fans of "Battlefield 1" as well as "Battlefield 4" and "Hardline."

Initially, the unified UI will be introduced to the fourth installment. However, as soon as "Battlefield 1" arrives on October 21 of this year, it will be updated accordingly so as to make use of the so-called feature. As for "Hardline," there has been no specifics as to when it will receive.

In related news, Design & Trend reports that a new "Battlefield 1" trailer is expected to be showcased at Gamescom 2016. DICE's very own media creator Randy Evans teased the possibility, tweeting that the "Gamescom trailer is really starting to come together." Lastly, the hashtag "BF1" seems to confirme it all.

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