'Overwatch' Sudden Death Mode Is Getting Major Overhaul From Blizzard; Game Beaten By 'Battlefield 4' As Top Selling Game On PlayStation Store

When Blizzard unleashed the new "Overwatch" Competitive Play, it proved to be a hit. In one way or another, it brought a new kind of excitement for players. However, if it has one flaw, it can be found in the Sudden Death tiebreaker. Fortunately, the studio is looking to give it a revamp. Meanwhile, the title has been defeated by EA and DICE's titular 2013 shooter game "Battlefield 4" in the race to being the top selling game on PlayStation Store.

According to Kotaku, the so-called "Overwatch" Sudden Death mode will be getting some heavy overhauls anytime soon. Although it is confirmed to happen, Blizzard has yet to reveal an official date. Meaning to say, it will take a few more days or so before the aforementioned mode gets the total revamp it really needs.

The Sudden Death tiebreaker in "Overwatch" basically occurs whenever teams tie. In order to determine the team on the defensive or offensive, a coin is flipped. While attackers try to acquire at least a single point, the defenders do their best to prevent it. The winner is deemed triumphant, taking the match as a whole.

However, some "Overwatch" players find the process a bit unfair. For them, both the attack and defense are considered different positions, albeit being fundamental. Apart from that, fans see some maps as an advantage to one team or the other.

In a recent "Overwatch" patch, Blizzard made some changes to Sudden Death mode. While this could be a start, the tweaks were only applied to a single map alone. It is safe to say that it does not surely sit well with most fans. Nonetheless, the company reiterated that more changes will be applied in the future. How soon it is will remain a mystery, though.

Meanwhile, as reported by Attack of the Fanboy, Blizzard's "Overwatch" was beaten by EA and DICE's "Battlefield 4" in the race to becoming the top selling game on PlayStation Store. For the month of June this year, the 2013 hit shooter game (along with "Battlefield: Hardline") received a huge discount. It was made available at a reduced price of only $4.79. This alone paved its way to becoming the most sold-out game in aforementioned console store.

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