Fans Hating On Tom Clancy's The Division Due To Bug Issues; Find Out Why Here

Fans Hating On Tom Clancy's The Division; Find Out Why Here
The amount of bugs that The Division has make it a little bit unsatisfying to play. Photo : Kwebbelkop/YouTube

Without a doubt, Tom Clancy's The Division is the best third-person shooter video game of today. While the excitement it offers is present, the tons of bugs and issues it has makes it a little bit frustrating as well. Fans are certainly not happy with how things are happening. Sure, Ubisoft has been very passionate in releasing updates after updates, but it seems there is still more work to be done.

Just a few days ago, the latest update from the studio arrived for The Division. It focused more on various game-breaking issue and glitches, as reported here at iTech Post. The only catch, however, is it only covered most of the bugs found in Underground Operations. Nevertheless, many hoped that this could be a step to making the game bug-free. Was it really though?

In reality, or at least as what fans say in social media sites, lots of bugs are still present in The Division. Heck, even the ones found in 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 patches, among others, are still there. Simply put, the devs have not really fixed even half of the issues that players are experiencing.

Needless to say, The Division is a great game to have. It can even at par with other third-person open-world games out there. However, with the amount of glitches it has, it is no wonder players see the game as a title not worth playing. Think about all the DLC content players purchase only to experience a half-baked product.

There are even instances when a player tries to load The Division, but the game instead freezes. Given the bug history that the title has, it is safe to say that most fans might resort to another game. Perhaps a potential installment like Blizzard's Overwatch.

While it holds true that Ubisoft is fully aware of these issues, some players have just had enough of it. That even if the studio unleashes a new gig, say, a The Division update that enhances the drop rates, the thought of it getting a bit less interesting is always there.

So will The Division ever be completely bug-free? Of course, there is always that possibility. But for now, it is still far from being a reality. Unless Ubisoft and its devs take a full notch higher in digging the root cause, this game will continue to be a unappreciated.

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