Tom Clancy's The Division Update: Vendor Reset Features Revealed; Ubisoft To Launch 2 DLCs This 2016 Holiday Season?

Just recently, the titular third-person shooter video game "Tom Clancy's The Division" from Ubisoft got updated. It particularly covered the game's so-called Vendor items. From various items to blueprints, these were all added. Meanwhile, reports suggest that the title will be getting 2 brand new expansions soon.

According to Vine Report, the new "Tom Clancy's The Division" items added in the game are for the locations such as the DZ05, the DZ03 Safe Room, the GS 204 and the Base of Operations, among others. Moreover, the update also made Underground as part of the list.

In general sense, the focus of the "Tom Clancy's The Division" Vendor reset was on Gear Score 204. It also covers the blueprints that can be found in other areas, such as the ones mentioned above.

Also, there are "Tom Clancy's The Division" items that were made available specifically for the blueprints. These are Electronics Holster (costs 121,086 DZ Funds), Tactical M1911 (costs 212,448 DZ Funds) and Extended Magazine (costs 142,106 DZ Funds).

Meanwhile, the Enhanced PP-19 in "Tom Clancy's The Division" can now be purchased for a total of 632 Phoenix Credits. As for the Police 686 Magnum and the Classic RPK-74, they are made available for 503 Phoenix Credits and 243,414 DZ Funds, respectively.

It should be noted that the "Tom Clancy's The Division" Vendor reset is just one of the many in-game events Ubisoft plans to take hold. It is basically a way of giving thanks and appreciation to the community for their unending support towards the title.

In related news, "Tom Clancy's The Division" players have reportedly sent out complaints regarding the issues and/or glitches they are experiencing. As of this writing, the studio has yet to release any update or whatsoever that will tackle the glitches. However, it is believed that the studio is in preparation for releasing new expansions.

As reported by Parent Herald, the glitches in "Tom Clancy's The Division" were - in one way or another - due to the upcoming DLCs. These are the "Survival" and the "Last Stand." Both of these contents are scheduled for release sometime in holiday season this year.

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