GTA 6 To Feature Florida's Murder Capital Jacksonville? Rio De Janeiro Also A Possible Location

GTA 6 has been in the rumor mill lately, as lots of fans continue to speculate every possibility. Although Rockstar has yet to release any official update, the game is believed to exist in new areas -- especially the ones outside of the US territory. Here is the latest talks about the game.

According to Parent Herald, the so-called Murder Capital of Florida, Jacksonville, is now being believed to be among the locations where GTA 6 could possibly be set. In fact, if deemed true, it can offer one of the best maps to have ever graced the franchise as a whole. Besides, a crime-themed game is pretty much fitting in such town.

There are also speculations that Rockstar might take GTA 6 to London. This is all due to the fact that most people involved in developing the game are said to be British. With such, right-hand drive cars could certainly found their way to the upcoming title.

Meanwhile, there is also every possibility for GTA 6 to stay inside the US borders. And if it would be the case, the aforementioned Murder Capital as well as San Diego are among the ones included in the wishlist. The downside with Jacksonville, however, is the lack of popular landmarks it offers. But of course, Rockstar should know better.

Christian Daily, on the other hand, reports that Rio de Janeiro is said to be one of the maps in GTA 6. This speculation rooted from all talks about the game being situated in foreign countries. But like the aforesaid Florida town, it also lacks in landscape variation.

It is safe to say that fans want GTA 6 to become a reality -- and this despite the location it will offer. And as long as it presents an interesting gameplay and compelling story-telling, the forthcoming installment will surely be an easy fan favorite.

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