Apple's New Ad Promotes iPad Pro As Full Computer

Apple wants its customers to see its iPad Pro tablets as a full computer, by far more capable than just an extra-large smartphone.

Mashable reports that the 30-second Apple ad for iPad Pro is entitled "What's a Computer?" The commercial video illustrates in a skillful way how the trio of devices work together to perform tasks besides just playing games and consuming content.

According to The Verge, Apple's relationship with its two-in-one iPad Pro computing device is a complicated one. The company has renounced to describe its expensive iPad Pro as a hybrid convertible machine, since its competitors Lenovo and Microsoft has started to market their Yoga Tab and Surface products that way.

Apple's new iPad Pro ad released today intends to make it clear that the tablet can be considered a full computer instead of marketing the device as a able of just running desktop-grade software. Apple's iPad Pro comes now in two models, a 9.7-inch and a 12.9-inch variety.

The newest Apple commercial video focuses on the powerful 9.7-inch tablet. The high-tech company wants to convince its customers to accept that the new iPad Pro as a computer and not just a convertible hybrid or phablet. With its optional Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard, the iPad Pro is presented as a do-it-all productivity device.

In the latest video ad, Apple is challenging the notion that the iPad Pro is just a tablet and insists on the fact that a computer today is all about versatility. The iPad Pro is certainly a versatile device, as it can be used via the Apple Pencil, by using your fingers on the touchscreen or by typing on a keyboard.

Apple's only strength is to play up the versatility card, since the iPad Pro does not run a more desktop-like operating system but just the standard, touch-based version of iOS. However, Apples argument is not going to convince every customer out there. iPads, including the top of the line iPad Pro, are still much better for web browsing, watching Netflix and playing games than they are for editing documents. 

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