Pokemon GO Guide On Catching Scyther, Electabuzz And More!

Being able to catch a rare Pokemon is just one of best things that could ever happen to a Pokemon GO player. After all, the term "rare" present an idea that no one else could have ever owned it. Speaking of which, the species Scyther and Electabuzz are also part of the list. And yes, there is a surefire way to actually acquire them and others.

As previously reported here at iTech Post, catching new creatures is one of the primary goals of Pokemn GO. Without it, the general sense of the game is simply nothing. If our previous guide was all about Haunter, Gastly and Gengar, now it is time to catch the aforementioned Pokemons.

How To Acquire Scyther In Pokemon GO

This Pokemon, as noted by Mobile & Apps, is basically a bug-flying creature in Pokemon GO. And most certainly, it could be one of the strongest Pokemons that a player can ever add to his arsenal. Since it is also deemed as a grass-type specie, it can usually be found in areas packed with grasses (i.e. parks, meadows, open fields and gardens, among others). If finding him nearby is quite hard, players can always opt in hatching a 10km egg instead.

How To Acquire Electabuzz In Pokemon GO

Obviously, most Pokemon GO players want to catch electric-type Pokemons. Well, this is thanks to the popularity of Pikachu. Although the latter is not that hard to have, players always have the shot to Electabuzz. This cat-like creature is usually present anywhere in towns, although it is mostly situated in universities, school premises and/or industrial areas. Nonetheless, there is a workaround to acquiring him -- that is also through hatching a 10km egg.

How To Acquire Pinsir In Pokemon GO

Pinsir, like Scyther, is also a bug-type creature in Pokemon GO. Similarly, it can also be caught in grassy-type areas such as open fields and/or gardens. However, if players have Lure Modules (something that can be acquired from PokeStops), their chances of acquiring Pinsir is increased. Not only is this Pokemon a rare one, but it is also extremely difficult to catch.

There you have it -- our Pokemon GO guide to catching Scyther, Electabuzz and Pinsir. Let us know what your thoughts are below. Good luck and have fun!

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