‘Pokemon Go’ News Update: Niantic Upsets Players, Many Threaten To Quit Game

"Pokemon Go" players are upset that the latest upgrade from Niantic Labs has actually made the game worse and almost unplayable. Many of the upset players are now threatening to stop playing "Pokemon Go" until the developer fixed the system.

Players were initially excited when Niantic rolled out its latest update to the mobile app game. However, the excitement turned to disappointment and anger after the game's tracker was apparently disabled, according to the Washington Post.

The mobile game app developer not only disabled the in-game tracking system but also shut out of its system websites that offer tracking services to "Pokemon Go" players. The situation grew worse when Niantic would not respond to the numerous complaints from players about the game.

Niantic developed a mobile game where players interact with one another and formed teams to help each other. Ironically, the developer has not set up any means of communications with its player base. The updates, as well as the disabling of the in-game and third party trackers, were made abruptly and no explanation was given by the developer.

Niantic tried to appease the players by saying it will "try" to give updates and important information as often as possible. The company announced earlier that will soon field a community representative that will handle and answer all their concerns. The developer also posted on Facebook that it will install a player's feedback in the "Pokemon Game". Niantic however, has no set date on when will they accomplished these promises.

Perhaps Niantic or rather Nintendo are already feeling the players' backlash on the game. Bloomberg reported that Nintendo stocks have lost some of its value recently due to the slipping popularity of "Pokemon Go" in Japan.

Both companies made a lot of money due to "Pokemon Go". That would not have been possible without its millions of devoted players. Niantic should keep in mind that players can always play games other than "Pokemon Go".

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