God Of War 4 Update: 100 Hours Of Gameplay Revealed, New Replayability Feature Explained

God of War 4 was first revealed back in June at Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). But ever since, little has been known about the upcoming title. Hence fans have relied on one speculation after the other. Fortunately, though, the game's director Cory Barlog has released some interesting details about the new installment, from the length of gameplay hours it will cover down to the new features it will offer.

According to GameRant, Barlog took some efforts in answering questions about everything God of War 4 via Twitter. One fan asked about the total hours or length it will have to which the said game director answered to more or less 100 hours. This alone proves that the new God of War has lots of interesting adventures to introduce.

Moreover, Barlog also revealed a new feature that will be released in God of War 4. It is the so-called New Game Plus feature, which basically allows players to replay the game. To clarify, replaying means that players can redo the entire game using unique weapon sets and/or armory. This will give players the freedom to explore other special items, unlocking the mysteries they have with each completed task.

Another fan also inquired about what game(s) heavily inspired God of War 4 as a whole. Barlog, to the surprise of many, pointed out The Last of Us and Resident Evil 4, both of which are critically acclaimed titles in their respective eras.

Sure enough, Resident Evil 4 explains the over-the-shoulder camera take on God of War 4. The Last of Us, on the other hand, is best exemplified in the forthcoming title's interesting father (Kratos) and son relationship - something that is akin to Ellie and Joel, as reported by Game & Guide.

God of War 4, nonetheless, did not just acquire its dynamics from the aforementioned games. Movies such as The Neverending Story, The Road, The Tree of Life and Road to Perdition, among others, also inspired the fourth installment in the God of War franchise.

What do you think about these new God of War 4 revelation from Cory Barlog? Are you excited to play a new kind of Kratos? Share your thoughts by using the comment section below!

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